Conquering Snowdon August 08

Date Added: 21st August 2008
Public Video

Welcome to Castell Cidwm, a one million pound country home featuring large, peaceful grounds and a two hundred acre lake. This is UKFast's training property at the Snowdon Lakehouse, where UKFast trains its staff utilising state of the art facilities to take team building to the next level.

Here is a taster of some of the activities that the intrepid UKFast team partake in whilst facing the elements in Snowdon.

Climbing Mount Snowdon is not for the faint hearted. Lawrence Jones is the MD of UKFast, and he encourages his team to take part in challenges to build qualities transferable back to the office environment. Lawrence is a Snowdon veteran, having climbed the mountain many times before. His ethic is that once you've overcome the challenge of mountain Snowdon, you can do anything.

Most UKFast employees have taken on the challenge at least once. It's the sporting mentality that spurs UKFast onwards and upwards. It's what makes them the best.

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