Chester Zoo and Digital with Martin King

Date Added: 24th September 2014
Public Video

Chester Zoo opened its doors in 1931 and became the North of England's Zoological Society shortly afterwards in 1934. Since then it's grown to home over 11,000 animals; it welcomes over 1.4million visitors every year, and was recently voted Europe's second best zoo by Tripadvisor. Its website is hosted with UKFast.

"This is a fantastic place to work," said Martin King, IT manager at Chester Zoo. "We welcome millions of visitors every year, and we're constantly evolving.

"Our website is the main source of information for our visitors; we get around 12,000 visitors a day, using it to book tickets, looking up feeding times for the animals, finding out how to get here and looking up general information about the zoo."

As Chester Zoo looks to expand its digital services to its millions of zoo visitors - with a planned app launch to coincide with the opening of its new east-Asian habitat 'Islands' in spring 2015, and a new 'Memories' tool that invites the public to share its photos and videos from the zoo - it does so with the reassurance that its hosting infrastructure is robust, secure and supported by a team of experts.

"We're going to continue our plans to grow our digital outlets; it helps us operationally, and we're able to interact better with our visitors. Anything we can do to get more visitors to our website is helpful to us, and I am 100% confident that UKFast can help us do that. Within just a few weeks of working together we've experienced huge benefits, and that is only going to continue."

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